To make Paramount Apparel’s strong focus on sustainability efforts a success, we believe that informing customers and employees with information related to our goals and achievements is a necessity.  We need both our employees and customers to be aware of the continued efforts we will share as a whole. Responsibility starts with the company as one entity and turns into the responsibility of individuals.  We have focused on a number of projects throughout Paramount’s operations to effectively become more eco-friendly as we manufacture apparel and headwearboth domestically and globally.  Green efforts such as establishing extensive recycling programs, using recycled materials such as cardboard, paper and plastic in our day-to-day activities and  converting to more environmentally-friendly lighting, heating, and cooling are just some examples of our continued pledge of global responsibility.

SUPPLY CHAIN RESPONSIBILITY – Paramount is registered with the Fair Labor Association as a Category B collegiate licensee and is committed to upholding the FLA Workplace Code of Conduct and the Principles of Fair Labor and Responsible Sourcing in facilities producing its collegiate apparel products.

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